Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Introducing 'Analyse This'

is the new e-newsletter from Mourne Training Services that is delivered free to your inbox each month when you sign-up. It provides a training and learning resource for all scientists working in pharmaceutical analysis and includes articles on current and developing technologies in analytical instrumentation and techniques. It will be useful whether you are just starting out in your career, or if you are responsible for training, managing, instructing or mentoring others.

Click here to view the first edition of Analyse This.

Analyse This includes a number of regular features, these are described below:

Training know-how applied to laboratory science

This feature provides information on how the most effective training practices can be implemented in a laboratory setting. It will contain something for everyone since we all seek out learning as part of continuing profession development, and also most people working in labs perform some type of training role, even it is just demonstrating a process or instrument to a new starter.

This will include giveaways from MTS and also highlight useful free stuff available on the web.

A resource for chromatographers

Contains useful tips and hints for chromatographers.

This feature is intended as a resource for articles relating to any aspects of analytical chemistry used in pharmaceutical analysis.

Lab Tech Guy provides general advice on lab related issues in his own distinctive style.

Guest contributions to Analyse This are encouraged. Suggestions for your submissions are: topics for Peak Solutions, Analytical Topics, or an article on a topic of your choice. Send your contributions to

A (PRODUCT)RED ™ iPod Shuffle will be sent to the writer of any contribution which is included in Analyse This, provided they are a subscriber to the newsletter.

You can sign up now using the form at the top of the blog page.

(PRODUCT)RED ™ is a global fund which provides treatment for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in Africa , you can find out more at the website,

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